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Our Benefits & Work Perks


The Essentials

Our comprehensive health packages covers medical, vision and dental for 100% of employee costs and 50% for children. Plus, we also offer life insurance, disability insurance and more!


Remote Work

Enjoy your morning commute to your desk. With monthly team-bonding events put on by our Culture Committee, you’ll invigorate your sense of purpose and belonging with the team.



Build a better future for yourself. Intrinsic Digital will contribute 3% of your salary whether you make any contributions or not.


Annual Cruise

We hold an energizing annual company cruise and meeting to unwind and regroup on company goals.


Pet Care Benefits

Pets are honorary coworkers at Intrinsic Digital, and we want to make sure they stay happy and healthy!



An innovative Minimum PTO Policy that requires employees to take at least two weeks of PTO but encourages up to four.

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Our Core Values

WE LOVE THE JOURNEY. At Intrinsic Digital, we understand that there is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. That is why at the crux of our core values, is a gentle reminder to enjoy the journey! And we don’t just plaster our core values on our website. Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues that represented these core values and award a small token to winners. Exercising our core values is intrinsic to us.



Our focus on collective success requires us to work as a team across functions, platforms and physical distance.




Our authority and expertise is grounded in truth and honesty.






We show genuine concern and respect for our clients, each other and our communities through giving back and taking time.



We embrace neutrality on social causes and rely on levity to create an environment where we never take ourselves too seriously.


Surprise & Delight

We actively look for opportunities to deliver unexpected value and exceed expectations with everyone we work with.


X-Ray Vision

We see through challenges to seek undiscovered opportunities.



What's it like to work here?

One thing that you’ll quickly find at Intrinsic Digital is that its unique company culture is rooted in kindness and authenticity. Your team members want you to win. And to measure performance, we keep it real simple with EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System — a framework defining a handful of goals and metrics that matter. This framework is the compass of our company, defining what’s important, who owns it and exactly what success looks like.

I love working with such a fun group of people every day, having flex work hours, and working at a company that actively seeks our input and suggestions. Makes me feel recognized and valued!
Weronika Bartnik
Campaign Success
I’m proud of the work that we are doing – getting real, measurable results for our clients and driving business for them. I also love the team and who I get to work with and interact with every day. Everyone is so nice and helpful anytime you have a question. You feel seen and supported and don’t feel like you’re just another number.
Jacqueline Byrnes
Campaign Success
I am proud to work at Intrinsic Digital because of the inclusive and caring culture! The company strives to keep everyone included, assist in the growth of each individual's role and pushes us to grow in areas that will benefit our overall careers - both in and out of the company. Everyone at the company truly lives each and every core value!
Madelyn Chappelear
Digital Marketing Manager
Madelyn Chappelear
I think the two things I brag about when it comes to working at Intrinsic Digital are the culture and growth. Although we are virtual, our team chats are open for people to be themselves and showcase their personality. Many messages make me laugh throughout the day and I think it really makes a difference working remotely. I also am so proud to brag about the growth of the company and what we do. People of all ages are beyond fascinated how it all works and I love answering their questions.
Laurel De Luca
Client Success
Great people! Growing company! Working from home!
Lori DiGirolamo
Executive Assistant
I love the people I work with. I love how flexible it is. I love what I do and I'm happy I get to do that here.
Delia Hernandez
HubSpot CRM & Marketing Specialist
I'm proud that we can voice our opinions and not be penalized for them - the CEO listens to them and implements them when he can. I'm proud that we are open-minded and accepting of everyone. I'm proud we are always growing. I'm proud that we can take time off when needed.
Kate Trigg
Marketing Manager

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Are you ready to do what you love with great people? If you’re intrinsically passionate about what you do, check out our open positions below!


Please note: all positions below are listed under our home base of Annapolis, Maryland, but Intrinsic Digital is fully remote and these positions are open to anyone in the U.S.