Cultivating Connection in a Remote World: How Our 5 Core Values Enhance Company Culture

Juli Loomis

Keeping a social, healthy, and connected culture in a remote environment can be difficult, but we’ve been lucky to think of ways to work around these challenges and to harness a positive environment with thriving work relationships.

How is this possible?

One of the many ways we encourage a healthy culture is by implementing five key core values for Intrinsic Digital that we use as a guiding force in our internal interactions and our business with our clients: accountability, authenticity, caring, surprise & delight, and x-ray vision.

Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues that represented these core values and award a small token to winners.

Last month, we were due to nominate the person in our company that best represented the core value: X-Ray Vision. We set the expectation for caring to mean: "We see through challenges to seek undiscovered opportunities".

Our winner for “X-Ray Vision" was Kaitlyn Hsiao! Kaitlyn is one of our Campaign Success Coordinators, and she has demonstrated great skill, focus, determination, and leadership since joining our team!


See what our team members had to say about Kaitlyn in their nomination submissions: 

"We had started on a research project to find a new training platform but still needed an action plan. Despite not having a clear direction, Kaitlyn took the initiative to do her own research on her assigned platform and wrote up some great notes."

Next up

March's core value is our mantra, We Love the Journey. "There is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing."