Location-Based Marketing Comes Naturally to Us

Intrinsic Digital is a mobile marketing agency specializing in geofencing technology to acquire customers for apartment, hotel, restaurant, and retail sectors. We boost foot traffic to your properties with standout visuals across all devices.

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"ApartmentGeofencing.com has consistently shown an ability to improve campaign performance. Our marketing team relies on them to provide monthly analysis and recommendations that help us understand and communicate the value of location-based marketing."
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  1. Jaclyn Hosking

Director, Acquisition Marketing, Bozzuto

Industries We Serve

Location-Based Marketing Services

As a mobile marketing agency, Intrinsic Digital understands the challenges faced by the ownership, marketing and operations teams in the industries we serve — and the need to show real results. With access to years of mobile location data, we help our clients understand where prospects and customers live, work and play. We deploy highly targeted and effective location-based marketing campaigns, with striking creative ads and videos across all consumer devices (including mobile and connected TVs). Our mobile marketing agency helps generate:

  • 15-30 second unskippable video commercials for OTT CTV advertising campaigns on platforms like Hulu, Sling TV and more.
  • Animated banner and display ads for mobile and desktop applications
  • Data-driven geofencing campaigns with monthly actionable insight reporting

Target Customers with the Power of Location-Based Marketing


What is Geofencing?

Geofence advertising is creepy magical, and a central component to an effective location-based marketing strategy. A geofence is a virtual or digital fence drawn around a real-world location or “point(s) of interest” (POI). This virtual boundary can detect smartphone users and send them targeted ads on their mobile applications.


When a user returns home and connects to their home network, cross-device matching enables us to reach users across all their other devices including desktop computers, tablets and smart TVs. Geofencing is based on an anonymous device ID, not browser cookies, so you can be confident your advertising protects user privacy and future proofs your marketing when cookies are phased out.


CTV Advertising Done Right

Cord-cutting trends among consumers have democratized big-screen advertising for companies, making it accessible to reach their audience on popular streaming platforms like Hulu and Sling TV. This emerging technology is known as CTV advertisement.


When paired with location-based marketing, CTV advertising provides a powerful channel for our clients to reach their target audience via 15-30 second unskippable commercials. Imagine being able to show a video ad to a prospect or potential customer who walks into a competitor’s location. Intrinsic Digital delivers this and more.



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There is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. We look for team members that want to join us on that journey. Are you our next Intrinsic team member?