Cultivating Connection in a Remote World: How Our 5 Core Values Enhance Company Culture

Juli Loomis

Keeping a social, healthy, and connected culture in a remote environment can be difficult, but we’ve been lucky to think of ways to work around these challenges and harness a positive environment with thriving work relationships.

How is this possible?

One of the many ways we encourage a healthy culture is by implementing five key Core Values for Intrinsic Digital that we use as a guiding force in our internal interactions and our business with our clients: Accountability, Authenticity, Caring, Surprise & Delight, and X-Ray Vision.

Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues who represented these Core Values and award a small token to winners.

Last month, we were due to nominate the person in our company who best represented the Core Value: Surprise& Delight.

We set the expectation for Surprise& Delight to mean: "We actively look for opportunities to deliver unexpected value and exceed expectations with everyone we work with."

Our winner for Surprise & Delight was Kate Trigg!

Seth Godin Quote: “Surprise and delight and connection are remarkable.”

Kate Trigg, one of our amazing Marketing Managers, is a multifaceted gem within our team, with a remarkable focus on content creation, graphic design, and conference organization. She's our incredible Marketing Team editor, ensuring that every piece of content that leaves our desks is polished to perfection. Kate's attention to detail is unparalleled, effortlessly spotting even the tiniest imperfections and offering insightful suggestions for improvement. Her dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality is reflected in every project she undertakes, elevating our brand's image and messaging.

Kate's warmth and genuine care for her colleagues make her an absolute delight to work with. Whether it's lending a listening ear, offering words of encouragement, or simply brightening someone's day with her humor or cat pics, Kate's presence brings a sense of unity to our team. 

See what our team members had to say about Kate in their nomination submissions: 

"Kate represents this month's core value to the CORE! She is dedicated to not only the marketing department but is willing to help others in any way she can. She goes above and beyond and surprises us by doing more than what we ask. By her efforts, it makes all of us shine! Super thankful to be working with such a rockstar!"
"Kate helped me out by doing a favor, and then proceeded to add some surprise and delight by going the extra mile with that favor because she thought of something that would be extra helpful for me!"
"Kate is always sending us cute content that gives me the warm fuzzies and puts a smile on my face."
"Kate is always such a delight to work with!! She has such a busy workload but always goes out of her way to check in on her teammates and let them know she cares. She's so wonderful to work with!"

Next up

March's core value is X-Ray Vision. "We see through challenges to seek undiscovered opportunities."