Cultivating Connection in a Remote World: How Our 5 Core Values Enhance Company Culture

Juli Loomis

Keeping a social, healthy, and connected culture in a remote environment can be difficult, but we’ve been lucky to think of ways to work around these challenges and harness a positive environment with thriving work relationships.

How is this possible?

One of the many ways we encourage a healthy culture is by implementing six key Core Values for Intrinsic Digital that we use as a guiding force in our internal interactions and our business with our clients: Accountability, Authenticity, Caring, Surprise & Delight, X-Ray Vision, and Neutralevity.

Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues who represented these Core Values and award a small token to winners.

Last month, we were due to nominate the person in our company who best represented the Core Value: We Love the Journey.

We set the expectation for "We Love the Journey" to mean: "We understand that there is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing."

Our winner for We Love the Journey was Kara Rafferty!


Kara Rafferty, our incredible Director of Sales, continues to lead our team with unparalleled dedication. With her strategic vision and dynamic leadership, Kara has driven remarkable growth and success, consistently exceeding targets and developing strong client relationships. Her commitment to her clients and the Intrinsic Team is truly inspiring, making her an invaluable asset to our organization. We are thrilled to have Kara at the helm, steering our sales efforts to new heights!

See what our team members had to say about Kara!

"Kara has the optimism and positivity of Bob Ross (maybe a bit more energy than him though lol!) she's a glass-half-full kinda lady and I can tell she loves the journey!!!"
"Kara exudes energy and is always ON. She works joyfully and with passion."
"Her motor is stuck on full blast. Her goal is to create as many journeys as she can with some of our most crucial clients. She's been a huge asset in adding to both our & the client's journeys."

Next up

June's core value is Accountability. "Our focus on collective success requires us to work as a team across functions, platforms, and physical distance."