Cultivating Connection in a Remote World: How Our 5 Core Values Enhance Company Culture

Juli Loomis

Keeping a social, healthy, and connected culture in a remote environment can be difficult, but we’ve been lucky to think of ways to work around these challenges and harness a positive environment with thriving work relationships.

How is this possible?

One of the many ways we encourage a healthy culture is by implementing six key Core Values for Intrinsic Digital that we use as a guiding force in our internal interactions and our business with our clients: Accountability, Authenticity, Caring, Surprise & Delight, X-Ray Vision, and Neutralevity.

Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues who represented these Core Values and award a small token to winners.

Last month, we were due to nominate the person in our company who best represented the Core Value: Accountability.

We set the expectation for "Accountability" to mean: "Our focus on collective success requires us to work as a team across functions, platforms, and physical distance."

Our winner for Accountability was Madison Sargent!


Madison Sargent, one of our outstanding Client Success Representatives, embodies accountability in every aspect of their work. With their unwavering dedication and strategic approach, Madison ensures that client needs are met with precision and care. Their proactive problem-solving skills and commitment to taking ownership of their responsibilities result in exceptional client satisfaction and loyalty. Madison's accountability extends to their collaboration with the Intrinsic team, making them an invaluable asset to our organization!

See what our team members had to say about Madison!

"Madison is always going above and beyond to display accountability. They're fast to complete tasks and they don't hesitate to reach out for more when they can! They're incredibly responsive, timely, and fully uphold the core value of accountability!"
"Madison is consistently helpful and always takes accountability for their work and strives to make sure others are taken care of in the process. They are incredibly reliable!"
"Madison's attitude is always positive, and always takes on more than they need to to help others. Madison gets their work done, plus volunteer work and it's always flawless. Way to take accountability over your tasks, Madison!!!"

Next up

July's core value is Authenticity. "Our authority and expertise is grounded in truth and honesty."