Cultivating Connection in a Remote World: How Our 5 Core Values Enhance Company Culture

Kate Trigg

Keeping a social, healthy, and connected culture in a remote environment can be difficult, but we’ve been lucky to think of ways to work around these challenges and harness a positive environment with thriving work relationships.

How is this possible?

One of the many ways we encourage a healthy culture is by implementing five key Core Values for Intrinsic Digital that we use as a guiding force in our internal interactions and our business with our clients: Accountability, Authenticity, Caring, Surprise & Delight, and X-ray Vision.

Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues that represented these Core Values and award a small token to winners.

Last month, we were due to nominate the person in our company that best represented the Core Value: Accountability. We set the expectation for Accountability to mean: "Our focus on collective success requires us to work as a team across functions, platforms and physical distance."

Capture-4Our winner for Accountability was Juli Loomis!

Juli, Marketing & Product Manager, is an incredible asset at Intrinsic Digital! She is constantly searching for new opportunities and technologies that we can implement and introduce to our customers. In addition to finding these new offerings, Juli also takes the lead in compiling and assigning all tasks and checking in with the team to make sure that everyone is on track for launch.

Juli is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone in need at Intrinsic Digital, further embodying the Accountability core value.

See what our team members had to say about Juli in their nomination submissions: 

"Juli is very accountable! She's like me, if she makes a mistake, she's going to beat herself up more than anyone else ever could, and she is never going to make it again. It's not always the healthiest method (lol), but it does work. She's quick to let others know if any errors were made and how she fixed them or plans to. She's an amazing team player and is adaptable to so many situations."

"Juli is an amazing project manager. I'm so impressed with how she has managed to wrangle everyone for various projects, checking in regularly, and putting together a comprehensive summary of our new ReTV product to share with the company."

Next up

November's core value is Authenticity. "Our authority and expertise is grounded in truth and honesty."