How a Remote Company Became a Great Place To Work - Reason #10

Matthew Kilmurry

This is the tenth in a series of blog posts that will highlight ten reasons that have contributed to making Intrinsic Digital a great place to work.

How did Intrinsic Digital become a Great Place to Work?

100% of our employees said we are a Great Place To Work US compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. 

Across the board, our employees said:

✔ 100% Management makes its expectations clear.

✔ 100% I can ask management any reasonable question and get a straight answer.

✔ 100% Management is approachable, easy to talk with.

✔ 100% Management is competent at running the business.

✔ 100% Management hires people who fit in well here.Great Place To Work

Reason #10: Trusting the Team

At Intrinsic Digital, we wholeheartedly acknowledge that trust is the bedrock of a thriving work culture, making it our ultimate and perhaps most pivotal factor in being recognized as a great place to work. We know that trust remains an invaluable asset that fuels growth, fosters resilience, and sets the stage for remarkable achievements. 

How is this possible?

While maintaining trust within a remote work environment presents unique challenges, we have successfully navigated them by implementing the following strategies:

  1. Open and Transparent Communication: We prioritize open and transparent communication, ensuring that information flows freely throughout the organization. Following EOS, we host regular team meetings, project updates, and company-wide communications to keep everyone informed, engaged, and aligned. This transparency establishes trust by fostering a shared understanding of our goals and progress.

  2. Virtual Collaboration Tools: Utilizing advanced virtual collaboration tools has been vital in maintaining effective communication and collaboration within our remote team. Platforms like Teams, Zoom, Asana, and other project management tools facilitate seamless communication, enabling team members to connect, share ideas, and work together efficiently. Team members can have full confidence in their departments, fostering a collaborative environment where they collectively strategize the utilization of these essential tools.

  3. Empowering Autonomy: Trust is strengthened when team members are given the autonomy to make decisions and take ownership of their work. At Intrinsic Digital, we empower our employees to make independent choices, encouraging their professional growth and fostering a sense of trust in their abilities.

  4. Recognition and Appreciation: Celebrating achievements and acknowledging the efforts of team members is a cornerstone of trust-building. We actively recognize and appreciate our employees' contributions through rewards, public recognition, and a culture of gratitude. This reinforces trust by demonstrating that each team member's work is valued and appreciated.

Trust is the cornerstone of Intrinsic Digital's success as a remote company and a Great Place to Work. Our focus on transparency, autonomy, and recognition further solidifies trust within our team.


Why is Trust Vital for a Company's Success?

  1. Collaboration and Productivity: Trust fosters collaboration and cooperation among team members. When everyone on our team can trust each other, they are more likely to openly share ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate effectively. This leads to increased productivity, as team members can work together towards shared goals, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise.

  2. Effective Communication: Trust creates an environment where open and honest communication can flourish. Team members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions, knowing that their input is valued. Effective communication is vital for problem-solving, decision-making, and building strong working relationships.

  3. Psychological Safety: Trust establishes psychological safety within the team. When team members trust one another, they feel safe to take risks, share their opinions, and make mistakes without fear of judgment or negative consequences. This psychological safety encourages innovation, creativity, and a willingness to experiment and learn from failures.

  4. Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork: Trust enables seamless collaboration and effective teamwork. When team members trust each other, they are more likely to support one another, share responsibilities, and work towards a common goal. Trust builds a sense of unity and cohesion within the team, leading to higher job satisfaction and a positive work atmosphere.

  5. Conflict Resolution: Trust is crucial for resolving conflicts constructively. In a team where trust exists, conflicts can be addressed openly and honestly, with a focus on finding solutions rather than blaming individuals. Trust allows team members to engage in respectful dialogue, actively listen to different perspectives, and work toward resolution collaboratively.

  6. Innovation and Risk-Taking: Trust encourages innovation and risk-taking within a team. When team members trust each other and have confidence in their abilities, they are more likely to think creatively, suggest new ideas, and take calculated risks. Trust provides the freedom and support needed to explore innovative approaches and drive positive change.

At Intrinsic Digital, trusting our team has been the final and most crucial reason why we have been voted one of the greatest places to work. Our commitment to building a culture of trust has played a pivotal role in establishing our company as an exceptional workplace, especially in the unique challenges posed by a remote work environment. By prioritizing open and transparent communication, empowering autonomy, and recognizing our employees' contributions, we have fostered a deep sense of trust within our team.