How a Remote Company Became a Great Place To Work - Reason #8

Matthew Kilmurry

This is the eighth in a series of blog posts that will highlight ten reasons that have contributed to making Intrinsic Digital a great place to work.

How did Intrinsic Digital become a Great Place to Work?

100% of our employees said we are a Great Place To Work US compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. 

Across the board, our employees said:

✔ 100% Management makes its expectations clear.

✔ 100% I can ask management any reasonable question and get a straight answer.

✔ 100% Management is approachable, easy to talk with.

✔ 100% Management is competent at running the business.

✔ 100% Management hires people who fit in well here.Great Place To Work

How is this possible in a remote company?

Reason #8: Alternate Work Schedules

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern work environments, traditional 9-to-5 schedules are giving way to more flexible and adaptable approaches. At Intrinsic Digital, we understand that our employees have unique needs and responsibilities outside of work. That's why we offer a range of alternate work schedules, allowing our team members to customize their working hours and achieve a harmonious work-life balance. In this blog, we'll delve into the benefits of our flexible scheduling options and how they contribute to our employees' overall well-being and productivity.

Catering to Individual Preferences

Recognizing that each employee has different preferences and requirements when it comes to their work schedule, Intrinsic Digital offers five distinct options: 7 am-3 pm, 8 am-4 pm, 9 am-5 pm, 10 am-6 pm, and 11 am-7 pm. This variety of choices allows our employees to select the schedule that aligns best with their personal needs and daily rhythms. We also utilize core hours to host team meetings, which lie between 11 am-3 pm, so we can still maintain a positive culture and feel a sense of camaraderie.

Early Birds and Morning Productivity: 7 am-3 pm

For those who thrive in the early hours of the day, our 7 am-3 pm schedule offers an ideal opportunity to start work bright and early. This schedule allows early birds to capitalize on their peak productivity in the morning, completing important tasks and making progress before the rest of the world awakens. By having afternoons available for personal pursuits, employees on this schedule can strike a healthy work-life balance.

Balancing Commitments: 8 am-4 pm

The 8 am-4 pm schedule strikes a balance between an early start and a reasonable end to the workday. This option appeals to individuals who prefer to have a consistent schedule and appreciate the advantages of avoiding heavy traffic during peak commuting hours. With a full hour of work completed before many offices even open, employees on this schedule often enjoy a sense of accomplishment and the ability to tend to personal commitments or engage in activities that promote well-being in the afternoon.

Standard Schedule: 9 am-5 pm

The classic 9 am-5 pm schedule is still a popular choice for many employees. This option aligns with traditional office hours and ensures regular availability for meetings, collaborations, and client interactions. While accommodating the needs of those who prefer a more standardized workday, this schedule also allows individuals to maintain a healthy work-life balance by having evenings and weekends free for personal time, family engagements, and pursuing hobbies or self-care activities.

Late Risers and Flexible Evenings: 10 am-6 pm

Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of our workforce, Intrinsic Digital also offers a 10 am-6 pm schedule. This option caters to night owls or those who prefer to take advantage of the morning hours for personal matters. By starting work later in the day, employees can align their work schedule with their natural sleep patterns, leading to improved productivity and engagement. This schedule is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to have the evening hours free for personal commitments, family time, or leisure activities.

Unleashing Evening Energy: 11 am-7 pm

At Intrinsic Digital, we acknowledge that the traditional 9-to-5 schedule may not suit everyone's needs. Our 11 am-7 pm schedule provides an excellent option for those who are most alert and productive during the later part of the day. By starting work later, employees can capitalize on their evening energy and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

The Benefits of Flexible Scheduling

  1. Improved Work-Life Balance: By offering a range of alternate work schedules, Intrinsic Digital enables employees to find the right balance between professional responsibilities and personal commitments, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced stress levels.

  2. Enhanced Productivity: When employees have the opportunity to work during their most productive hours, they can optimize their output and achieve greater efficiency. This, in turn, positively impacts the quality of their work and overall performance.

  3. Employee Retention and Engagement: By recognizing and accommodating the diverse needs of our workforce, we foster a culture of trust, understanding, and inclusivity. This contributes to higher employee retention rates, increased job satisfaction, and improved overall morale.

At Intrinsic Digital, we understand that work-life balance is essential for the well-being and success of our employees. By offering a range of alternate work schedules, we empower our team members to customize their working hours according to their unique needs and preferences. This flexibility not only enhances their work-life integration but also fosters a culture of trust, productivity, and engagement.

Whether you're an early bird, a night owl, or someone who appreciates a more standard schedule, our diverse options cater to your individual circumstances. At Intrinsic Digital, we firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled workforce translates into greater creativity, productivity, and success for both our employees and the company as a whole.