Celebrating Nature Photography Day!

Juli Loomis

For the month of June, the Culture Committee challenged the Intrinsic Team with taking or finding a picture of Nature that inspired thought or creativity! 

What is the Culture Committee?

The Intrinsic Digital Culture Committee is a volunteer committee made up of four team members, led by our very own HR Specialist, Chris Bull. With culture being a core component of the success of Intrinsic Digital, the Culture Committee ensures we are all connected and engaged, even within a fully remote workplace.

Each month, they plan events that promote creative team-bonding experiences. After a few months, Intrinsic brings in new team members who want to volunteer and contribute fresh, fun ideas that invigorate our company culture. Past events have included family-feud style competitions (complete with paid actors), a virtual pictionary, and a group yoga session, among many other events.

The Challenge

The Culture Committee organized a special event called "Share your Nature Photography on Nature Photography Day!" to celebrate the beauty of nature and promote authenticity, which was the core value for this month. 

In preparation for the event, each employee was allocated 30 minutes of free time (Thank you, Matthew, our Fearless Leader!) to explore the outdoors, seek inspiration, and capture captivating moments through photography. If an employee had pictures that sparked inspiration that was taken in the past, we asked that those be presented as well! 

Employees were asked to save their photographs as they would be shared during our event. The Culture Committee was particularly interested in the stories behind each picture and the reasons that compelled individuals to capture them.

This event aims to foster a sense of appreciation for nature, promote creativity, and encourage employees to express their authenticity through the art of photography. It provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with the natural world, reflect on their experiences, and share their perspectives with colleagues.

The Result

Collectively, participants gathered dozens of photos, and we were able to learn more about each other and what inspires each of us!

As a company, we strive to foster a connected culture making a positive impact despite being spread across several different states. And the Culture Committee is essential in making that happen!