Intrinsic Digital MD Team Gets Dirty for Earth Day at SPCA

Kate Trigg

For those on the Intrinsic Digital team who call Maryland "home," an opportunity arose to give back to an organization near and dear to our animal-loving hearts, the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. And the team was ready to support the cause.

Intrinsic Digital Earth Day 2023 -  © Jay Fleming23

From left to right: Jeannette Bezinque, Regan Jennings, Shannon Kilmurry, Matthew Kilmurry (CEO & Founder), Shelby Collinson, Kate Trigg, Adriean Albright, Lori DiGirolamo, and Alana Redgraves at the SPCA.

What is the SPCA?

The SPCA is the largest and oldest animal welfare organization in Anne Arundel County.

They provide shelter and humane care for homeless animals in need and work as advocates for animal welfare in the community.

There is no time limit placed on how long an animal is available for adoption at the SPCA. They embrace animals in need – regardless of age, breed, or physical condition – and provide them with the care they deserve for as long as it takes the SPCA to find them a home. Learn more about the SPCA.

Animal lovers unite to give back

As Intrinsic Digital is a well-known team of animal lovers, one of our employees, Kate Trigg, saw a Facebook event for "Earth Day with the SPCA" and thought it would be a great opportunity for local Maryland team members to get together in person and do something good for this special organization. She rallied the Marylanders and the plan was set in motion, complete with matching Intrinsic Digital t-shirts.

The day started bright and early at 8am on Earth Day, April 22, with many team members bringing in additional ammo in the form of spouses, children, and friends. With a group of 23, the team was hopeful that they'd make a big difference in helping the other volunteers.

The SPCA graciously welcomed us with an assortment of donuts, hot coffee, cold waters, and their (un)official welcoming committee made up of a very friendly and sociable pig named Pippin. She was a BIG hit with the adults and kids alike!

MicrosoftTeams-image (183)

Pippin, Harrison, and Alana stop for a quick pet and photo opp.

After meeting and greeting (some in person for the first time!) and fueling up, team Intrinsic was ready to hit the trails (and gardens).

With over five acres of land, it was clear the team needed to approach the task with a "divide and conquer" strategy. One group went to walk the trails (usually used for shelter volunteers to walk dogs) to pick up garbage, one group stayed in the front meeting area to start weeding and beautifying the garden, and another went to a separate garden that also needed some TLC, mostly in the form of weeding.

After the walkers finished their trail, the weeding teams were in need of a change of scenery, and some of them headed to the trails to see if the first team left any trash behind (they didn't), while others took a well-deserved puppy-petting break with some new arrivals at the shelter.

Intrinsic Digital Earth Day 2023 -  © Jay Fleming14

Puppy break! Which one is your favorite? 

Around 11am, there wasn't a single weed or piece of trash in sight. The SPCA event coordinators graciously thanked the team, who in turn thanked them back for this wonderful opportunity to get together and give back.

With caring as one of our five core values, the team is always eager to find more ways to help those in our community, human and animals alike. It was a great time spent together, practicing what we preach, and we can't wait to help out with more community events in the future.

Check out our photo album below. Thank you to our photographer, Jay Fleming, as well as Lori DiGirolamo and Alana Redgraves who provided additional photos.

In further support of the SPCA and other animal rescues, we want to give a little shout out to our volunteers' rescue animals:

  • Hazel Trigg - Anne Arundel SPCA, Annapolis, MD
  • Mulligan DiGirolamo - Lucky Dog Rescue, Washington, DC
  • Zoe & Nicky Albright - Forever Home Rescue Foundation, Chantilly, VA

Thank you to the employees who came out bright and early on a day off to get to work with their team, and thank you to the SPCA for having us!