Intrinsic Digital Recharges During Wellness Wednesday - A Mental Health Exercise

Intrinsic Digital

An Outlook calendar invite to de-stress? Yes, please! 

Imagine opening your invite and it reads:  

“We invite you to practice some form of self-care on your own. We want you to unplug, de-stress, and just relax for this hour, any way you wish. While relaxation looks different for each of us, you do you!” 

For our recent Wellness Wednesday company event, Intrinsic Digital team members did just that! The last hour of the day was blocked off on all calendars for some high-priority R&R.   

The next day, team members returned to work energized and shared their favorite self-care routines and experiences. Keep scrolling to sneak a peek into some of the self-care activities we partook in! 

We hope we inspire you to block out some time on your calendar to recharge yourself. Because life will inevitably get busy, making a self-care appointment and honoring it as you would a doctor’s appointment can be an effective strategy to prioritize self-care. Especially for caregivers and professionals that tend to put themselves last on their own list.  


Love the Journey 

Intrinsic Digital’s core mission is “We love the journey,” due to the recognition that “There is no destination in life or work - it is always changing.” Even amidst changes, the modality to “Love the Journey” leaves an infinite path of unexplored opportunities. And Wellness Wednesday was a great opportunity for team members to revisit the core value and regain some work-life balance. In a recent article from Ariana Huffington, she expresses the need to change the sometimes abstract term of “work-life balance” to “life-work integration.” Ultimately, she posits that “We bring our whole selves to work,” and tending to ourselves and our own lives is an important component that fuels professional fulfillment as well.  

About Intrinsic Digital’s Culture Committee   

Our Culture Committee is a core component of life at Intrinsic. Each month, our Culture Committee plans out monthly events that promote creative team bonding experiences. After a few months, Intrinsic brings in new team members who want to volunteer and bring in fresh, fun ideas that invigorate our company culture. Past events have included family-feud style competitions (complete with paid actors), a guess the baby photo contest (quite a feat!), and a group workout session, among many other events. To learn more about Intrinsic’s core values, please visit