Intrinsic Digital Sets Sail to Auspicious Skies on Third Annual Company Cruise and Meeting in Historic Annapolis

Juli Loomis

The Intrinsic team had a blast, mixing business with pleasure, as they navigated through a whirlwind of excitement: conquering the high seas on a thrilling client cruise, and diving into their annual meeting with renewed energy and camaraderie!

The Reunion

The Intrinsic team embarked on an exciting journey, spanning both near and far, to gather for our highly anticipated annual meeting. The first night of the reunion was a joyous occasion filled with warm embraces and heartfelt laughter as we finally saw each other in person. The evening was dedicated to relishing each other's company, fostering genuine connections, and indulging in a mouthwatering feast of traditional Maryland crab! It was a memorable start to our gathering, reaffirming the strength of our team's bond and reigniting our collective passion for the work ahead.

The Annual Company Meeting

The next morning, the Intrinsic Digital team gathered for a revue and training session, led by CEO, Matthew Kilmurry. This dynamic session delved into various topics, including a comprehensive yearly overview, insights on AI Video, and a discussion on the company's growth. The team eagerly absorbed knowledge and engaged in discussions, deepening their understanding of key aspects that drive our success. It was a powerful opportunity to align our collective vision and further strengthen our expertise in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

See a preview of our presentation below!


As a testament to our commitment to innovation, we had the pleasure of hearing from our esteemed partners, Simplifi, Spectrio, and TapClicks. As a top provider, Intrinsic Digital had a front-row seat to voice suggestions and identify opportunities that would further enhance our service offerings to better serve our clients with Simplifi expert, Amy Murrah. Spectrio shared exciting new developments and ongoing testing initiatives, providing invaluable insights into their collaboration with Intrinsic Digital. Additionally, our partner at Tapclicks unveiled cutting-edge advancements in their digital marketing reporting landscape. The session culminated in a vibrant discussion that took the pulse of our company culture, reaffirming our commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment. 

The Catherine Marie

Embarking on a remarkable voyage aboard the elegant Catherine Marie, Intrinsic Digital set sail to explore the captivating historical city of Annapolis, Maryland. This exciting journey marked a joyous celebration of yet another successful year at our highly anticipated 3rd Annual Company Cruise. As a prominent remote digital marketing company specializing in geofencing, Streaming TV, and location-based marketing, Intrinsic Digital orchestrated an unforgettable evening, uniting team members from the East and West Coasts in a tapestry of camaraderie, fun, and shared achievements.

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The Scavenger Hunt

On the final day of the Intrinsic Digital get-together, the team prepared for a thrilling team-building activity. They embarked on a delightful adventure, partaking in a fun-filled team scavenger hunt facilitated by the Let's Roam app. Eagerly dividing into groups based on their respective departments, they embarked on an expedition through the charming streets of downtown Annapolis. Armed with smartphones and creative minds, the teams navigated the historic city's nooks and crannies, solving riddles, cracking codes, and completing quirky challenges. Laughter echoed through the streets as they worked together, forging even stronger bonds while immersing themselves in the spirit of teamwork and friendly competition. The experience not only added a dash of playful camaraderie to the event but also left them with cherished memories to cherish until their next epic gathering.

The Future

Our journey on the client cruise, alongside the invigorating annual meeting, had set the stage for a promising future. As we dispersed to our respective corners of the globe, we carried with us the memories of shared laughter, insights, and the knowledge that we are part of an extraordinary team. The success of this gathering has left us eagerly looking forward to the next chapter of our adventure together, as we continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing and create a lasting impact in the industry. Until we meet again, we will remain united by the spirit of Intrinsic Digital, a team that thrives on innovation, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence. Onward to greater heights!