Making Waves at the Intrinsic Digital Annual Meeting - 2024

Juli Loomis

The Intrinsic team brought the sunshine and the strategy to this year's annual meeting in the beautiful, beachy Fort Lauderdale! We kicked things off with a hilarious twist – turns out, that 50 Matthew Kilmurrys are even better than one (sorry, real Matthew!).


Day 2: A Splash of Fun and Strategy

Matthew started our meeting with an overview of Q1 accomplishments and a look ahead. While we happily celebrated how far we've come in just one quarter, we also dove into the challenges and risks we faced, and how proud we were to overcome them as a team. We toasted our impressive achievements (crushing revenue goals and conquering those quarterly rocks!) but also went into the challenges we tackled together. It was a powerful reminder of the team's resilience and collaborative spirit.


Following Matthew's lead, each department took the stage for presentations that were anything but boring. Forget stuffy presentations and drawn-out speeches. We saw everything from money guns in accounting and interactive Kahoot! quizzes to creative sales pitches with a twist and blindfolded geofencing exercises. These presentations not only informed us of the role in each department in general but also gave a glimpse into the dynamic reality of each team member's daily grind.


Our Hawaiin Luau Dinner

To end the day on a high note, we embraced the island vibes with a Hawaiian-themed dinner and celebrated our achievements as a team. Laughter was inevitable as team members nominated their colleagues for our annual Intrinsic Awards! The submissions were a hilarious mix of heartfelt praise and playful jabs, showcasing the strong bonds and camaraderie within our team.  From "Most Likely to Eat Lunch on a Teams Call" (typical, Phil) to "Speed Queen" (we see you, Kaitlyn!), the nominations were a hilarious window into our colleagues' quirks and strengths. We definitely learned a lot about each other through these awards!

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Day 3: Charting the Course for the Future

Day three was all about the future! Our AI committee shared their insights, and we had a lively discussion about what's on the horizon for Intrinsic. As a testament to our dedication to staying ahead of the curve, we also heard from our esteemed partners, and TapClicks. We had the chance to collaborate with Simplifi's Amy Murrah to brainstorm ways to enhance our service offerings, and TapClicks filled us in on the cutting edge of digital marketing reporting.

Intrinsic's annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale was the perfect environment for learning, collaboration, and strategic planning with our teams. Engaging presentations, insightful discussions with industry partners, and a celebratory luau dinner fueled team spirit and a collective drive for future success. With a renewed focus on collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, Intrinsic is ready to make a significant impact in the year ahead.