Meet Our Team: Shelby Collinson

Intrinsic Digital


Shelby Collinson


Client Success Manager


I graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. My passion for continuous learning drives me to travel often!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. I currently live in Annapolis, Maryland.

What is something you are passionate about?

I am passionate about challenging myself, exploring new places, and helping out the people around me. I am a part of many volunteer groups in the Annapolis area including the Annapolis Jaycees and I am constantly seeking out new ways to be involved in the community. I am eager to continue challenging myself to learn something new every day and help those in need in our community.

Favorite Quote:

“Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject so you know you are getting the best possible information.” -Michael Scott

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?

Maui, Hawaii! It feels like a whole new world out there. Sitting on the beach at sunset and watching whales just jump out of the water is unreal.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I grew up thinking I was destined to be a doctor until I realized I hated blood and needles. My only real direction was knowing I loved working with and connecting with people.

What is your spirit animal?

Some type of big cat!