What is Geofencing Marketing?


Tethered to your smartphone? You’re not alone. Approximately 90% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone with GPS tracking capabilities. This unlocks location-based marketing for companies seeking to reach their always-connected audience. 


Geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy that displays relevant ads to visitors who walk into a geofence (a digital fence). These digital fences are drawn around real-world locations known as Points of Interests (POIs). Geofences can take the form of competitor locations, area employers and even events. You walk into geofences all the time, and might soon notice eerily relevant banner and video ads displaying on your favorite apps and streaming sites. That’s what makes geofencing creepy magical! Creepy because it gives marketers a powerful tool to target their ideal customers, and magical because we can measure results in a way that adheres to privacy laws.


But the advantages of geofencing don’t stop there. When a mobile phone connects to a home network, we can then also push relevant ads to all other connected devices. Geofencing campaigns are totally trackable, giving clients a clear measure of their ROI.


Let’s break it down!


Customer Intelligence

Identify where customers live, work and play with our Customer Intelligence Report. Hone in on the behavior of your ideal customers by detecting local points of interests like shopping, restaurants, gyms and even trade shows!


Precise Targeting

Unlike other geofencing companies that draw a radius around a point of interest, we take time to research and set up digital boundaries that are accurate within feet. This pinpoint targeting ensures that our client’s campaign budget is spent on the right audience.


Expert Optimization

We set it and perfect it! Our data team reviews campaigns on a recurring basis and provides actionable insights. We help optimize geofencing marketing campaigns to determine which locations are generating unique walk-ins and which locations are not working.

What Are the Advantages of Geofencing?

Some of the more notable advantages of geofencing for our clients include:

  • Finding out where customers live, work and play
  • Multi-channel reach on mobile apps, desktop sites and streaming TV platforms
  • Cross-device targeting across multiple devices including tablets, desktop computers and smart TVs
  • Affordable unskippable commercials on the big screen via CTV advertising
  • Measurable and trackable with metrics gauging online conversion and walk-ins generated

How Does Geofencing Work?

1. Set Up Custom Target Zones

We set up geofences around hot spot locations, also known as “target zones.” From coffee shops to grocery stores; parking lots to train stations; major employers to local businesses, the geofencing possibilities are (almost) endless!


2. Target Customers Through All Their Connected Devices

Once a prospective customer walks into a target zone with their GPS-equipped smartphone, their anonymous mobile ID is captured. They are now eligible to receive eye-catching, action-oriented banner ads on their mobile phone. And when they return home and connect their mobile device to their home network, they open a portal to all their other connected devices. Now, you can showcase your business on animated banner ads and unskippable 15-30 second commercials on streaming TV apps like Hulu and Sling TV.

3. Measure Conversions

Our clients’ favorite part? Geofencing campaigns are fully trackable! To measure walk-ins, we set up a geofence around your location, also called a “conversion zone,” to be able to identify mobile IDs that came from your target zones. Cross-device matching allows us to report on online conversions as well. With advanced attribution, our clients are never left to wonder about the efficacy of their campaigns.


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