Unlocking Greatness: Top 10 Ways Intrinsic Digital Became a Great Place to Work

Juli Loomis

At Intrinsic Digital, we're always striving to create a work environment where our team feels valued, inspired, and empowered. Our dedication to building a great workplace didn't just lead to employee satisfaction; it also resulted in us being recognized as a Great Place To Work US.  But what's our secret sauce? How did we achieve a 100% employee satisfaction rating, when the typical U.S.-based company only scores 57%? 

Let's delve into the top 10 reasons behind our success.

Reason 1: EOS - Vision Shared by All

EOS, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is the cornerstone of our success. It unites our team behind a shared vision, providing clarity and direction for everyone. With EOS, our employees have a clear and defined vision, and all members of the team understand what the company's goals and objectives are, and how their individual roles and responsibilities contribute to achieving them. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) provides a simple framework for defining and achieving a company's vision.

Reason 2: Core Values

Core values are the heartbeat of Intrinsic Digital. They guide our decision-making, shape our culture, and serve as a compass for every team member. Our values foster an environment of mutual respect, growth, and collaboration. Our core values are the following:

  • Accountability: We emphasize collective success through teamwork across various functions and locations.
  • Authenticity: Our authority and expertise stem from truth and honesty.
  • Caring: We genuinely care for our clients, colleagues, and communities through acts of kindness and giving back.
  • Surprise & Delight: We aim to exceed expectations and deliver unexpected value in every interaction.
  • X-Ray Vision: We see opportunities beyond challenges.

When everyone shares these values, knows their role, and collaborates as a team, our culture thrives, and we achieve our goals. Our team is at the heart of our journey. Meet them here.

Reason 3: Core Mission

Our core mission is more than words; it's our daily motivation. It reminds us that our work extends beyond projects and reports; we're changing lives and improving businesses. Our use of the Vision Traction Organizer (V/TO) helps in this endeavor by laying out essential components:

  • Core Focus: A clear understanding of our identity and purpose.
  • Core Values: Timeless guiding principles.
  • 1 Year Goal: Immediate objectives for the year.
  • 3 Year Target: Vision for the company in the next three years.
  • 10 Year Target: Ambitious, long-term goals.
  • Quarterly Rocks: Crucial objectives for the next 90 days.
  • Ongoing Issues List: Identifying and addressing obstacles.

This framework functions as our company's compass, ensuring everyone shares the same vision and objectives. It's akin to using Google Maps, offering clear direction and a shared path to success. With this system, our efforts align, and we collectively work toward achieving our goals and vision.

Reason 4: Culture Committee

Our dedicated Culture Committee ensures that our workplace is a vibrant and inclusive space. This team works tirelessly to create events, activities, and initiatives that bring our team closer together.

Led by our HR Representative, Chris Bull, the Culture Committee consists of four volunteers who rotate on a quarterly basis. The volunteers for that quarter are responsible for helping coordinate monthly team events that encourage a positive culture, team bonding experience, and/or acts of service in our communities. The Culture Committee also runs "Core Awards" - which encourages our employees to vote for whichever team members exemplify that month's core value.

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Reason 5: Shout Out Channel & Core Awards

Our Shout Out channel and Team Chat channels give our team opportunities to share personal and fun stories, reinforcing the sense of camaraderie. Our Core Awards recognize and appreciate our extraordinary team members.

At Intrinsic Digital, we're dedicated to upholding our core values, both in our personal and professional lives. We believe in recognizing and celebrating team members who exemplify these values. Here's how we ensure it happens:

  1. Shout Out Chat: We've established a "Shout Out" group within our Teams chat. This enables all team members to publicly acknowledge and commend colleagues who have demonstrated our core values.

  2. Core Value Awards: Hosted by our Culture Committee, we focus on one core value each month and vote for the team member who best embodies it. A winner is then randomly selected and receives a prize related to that core value.

We aim to create a work environment where colleagues enjoy collaborating, recognize each other's unique contributions, and go the extra mile to demonstrate exceptional teamwork and performance. We foster a positive culture of camaraderie through various team chats that encourage bonding and socialization among team members. 

Reason 6: Anonymous Surveys

We believe in giving our employees a safe space to express their thoughts. Through anonymous surveys, we gain invaluable feedback and continuously evolve to meet our team's needs. To ensure our company's growth and improvement, we actively seek honest and unbiased feedback from our employees. We conduct regular anonymous surveys, providing everyone with a safe platform to be transparent about their thoughts. But we don't stop there; when we receive criticism, we actively work on finding solutions, which we later share with the team for the benefit of all. 

Reason 7: PTO Policy & Parental Leave Policy

In today's fast-paced work environment, Intrinsic Digital prioritizes employee well-being with its progressive Paid Time Off (PTO) policy and generous Parental Leave policy. The flexible PTO policy offers three weeks of paid time off for first-year employees and extends to four weeks from the second year onward. It recognizes the need for a work-life balance, empowering employees to recharge, spend time with family, and rejuvenate.

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The Parent Leave policy goes beyond legal requirements by providing 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents through childbirth, adoption, or fostering. This support creates a positive, inclusive work culture, fosters loyalty, and strengthens employee retention. Intrinsic Digital's commitment to employee well-being not only enhances job satisfaction but also contributes to the organization's continued success and growth.


Reason 8: Alternate Work Schedules

In today's dynamic work environment, Intrinsic Digital recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers various alternate work schedules to cater to its employees' diverse needs. Flexibility is at the core of our work culture. This flexibility empowers our team to be at their best.

With options ranging from early morning to late evening hours, employees can choose the schedule that aligns with their personal preferences and daily routines. These flexible schedules include 7 am-3 pm, 8 am-4 pm, 9 am-5 pm, 10 am-6 pm, and 11 am-7 pm, providing opportunities for early birds, late risers, and those who seek a standard workday.

Our approach enhances work-life balance, boosts productivity during employees' most active hours, and fosters a supportive and inclusive culture. The company's commitment to accommodating individual schedules reflects its dedication to employee well-being and overall success.

Reason 9: Productivity Tips from the Staff

We're all about collaboration. Our team openly shares productivity tips, helping each other stay organized and efficient. These insights are rooted in actual experience and cater to individual preferences. The team employs various strategies, including:

  • Stimulating the Senses: Some team members start their day by stepping outside and engaging their senses. They may listen to music or podcasts, breathe in fresh air, or engage in personal rituals to ground themselves.

  • Time Blocks: Time blocking is a valuable tool. Team members schedule dedicated work periods and utilize this method to focus on tasks effectively. Listening to podcasts can complement this technique.

  • Get Organized with EOS: The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a key part of Intrinsic Digital's culture. It focuses on prioritizing significant projects or "rocks" while addressing issues in a structured, shared manner during weekly EOS meetings.

  • Utilize Your Voice Assistant: Voice assistants like Alexa help stay organized by setting reminders and alarms. These devices, already part of daily life, enhance professional organization.

  • Make a List: Whether using digital tools like Asana or simply jotting tasks down, creating lists helps team members visualize their workload and prioritize effectively.

  • Switch Up Your Environment: Changing environments, even working outdoors, can reenergize remote workers. Dressing professionally also boosts alertness and productivity.

  • Take Frequent Breaks: Periodic breaks, like going outside or playing with a pet, are essential to maintain focus and productivity throughout the day.

These productivity tips, gathered from the Intrinsic Digital team's real-world experiences, provide practical insights for enhancing work performance and time management in remote work environments.

Reason 10: Trusting the Team

Trust is the linchpin of Intrinsic Digital's success as a thriving remote company and a recognized "Great Place to Work." Despite the unique challenges posed by remote work, we have effectively built and maintained trust through several key strategies:

  • Open and Transparent Communication: The company prioritizes open and transparent communication, fostering shared understanding, engagement, and alignment. Regular meetings, project updates, and company-wide communications ensure everyone is well-informed about goals and progress.

  • Virtual Collaboration Tools: The use of advanced virtual collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, and Asana has been pivotal for seamless communication and efficient collaboration. These platforms support effective remote teamwork, further solidifying trust within the team.

  • Empowering Autonomy: Trust is strengthened by giving team members the autonomy to make decisions and take ownership of their work. Intrinsic Digital empowers its employees to make independent choices, cultivating trust in their capabilities and promoting professional growth.

  • Recognition and Appreciation: Acknowledging achievements and recognizing employees' contributions is fundamental to trust-building. Intrinsic Digital actively appreciates and celebrates the efforts of its team members, reinforcing trust by demonstrating the value placed on their work.

Trust is not just a fundamental element of Intrinsic Digital's remote work culture; it's the keystone to the company's remarkable success as a "Great Place to Work." It drives collaboration, effective communication, psychological safety, enhanced teamwork, conflict resolution, innovation, and risk-taking. By prioritizing trust and utilizing these strategies, Intrinsic Digital has created a supportive and thriving work environment, even in a remote setting.

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So, how did a remote company like Intrinsic Digital become a Great Place to Work? We did it by committing to these 10 core principles and ensuring that our team thrives in an environment of trust, empowerment, and shared values. This recognition is not just an accolade; it's a reflection of our collective commitment to creating a workplace where everyone can flourish. Thank you to our incredible team for making Intrinsic Digital a truly great place to work.